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I worked for several home care services in my time and as I became more interested in my role as a caregiver, I frequently thought about all the things I could improve upon if I had the authority to make changes in their practices. I wasn’t trying to buck the system my employers had in place, I just wanted to tweak it a little to create a pleasant ripple. As a caregiver in the field, I heard and understood what the patients’ and family members’ concerns were and I knew we could deliver what they needed if we’d apply that something special... care. Since I couldn’t persuade them, I started my own home healthcare company. I took all the professional home health care and nursing knowledge I possessed (and that ripple- effect idea of genuinely caring for patients) with me. Notice that I dropped the word “service”! That’s because we are caregivers that care. Caring is our goal. It is who we are and all that we offer because without care, you just have a home health care service and who wants to be serviced. We’re human beings, not automobiles!

Today, we care for well over 13,000 patients in the Metro Detroit Area and are seeking to spread our care throughout Southeastern Michigan. If you or your loved ones are in need of genuine care, please contact us.


Patricia Williams, CEO/Administrator